BICAP Annual Reports
 TitleModified DateSize
2016 Annual Report11/30/20164.60 MB
2017 Annual Report7/7/20173.39 MB
2015 Annual Report6/4/20151.86 MB
2013 Annual Report12/12/20132.08 MB
2014 Annual Report5/28/20142.04 MB
Head Start Annual Reports
 TitleModified DateSize
2014-2015 Annual Report2/22/2016142.78 KB
2015-2016 HS Annual Report4/19/2018149.30 KB
2016-2017 HS Annual Report4/23/20181.20 MB
2013-2014 Annual Report6/12/2015674.04 KB
2012-2013 Annual Report6/12/2015208.75 KB
2011-2012 Annual Report6/12/2015569.93 KB
2010-2011 Annual Report6/12/2015439.41 KB
2009-2010 Annual Report6/12/2015402.48 KB
2008-2009 Annual Report6/12/2015467.39 KB
2007-2008 Annual Report6/12/2015212.74 KB
Executive Summaries
 TitleModified DateSize
Executive Summary9/20/201011.23 KB
Needs Assessment
 TitleModified DateSize
2016 Community Assessment Summary11/30/20161.27 MB
2016 Community Needs Assessment11/30/20161.71 MB
2010 - Needs Assessment9/21/201088.26 KB
2013 Community Needs Assessment9/18/2014757.57 KB
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Helping People. Changing Lives. Building Comunity.

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Our Vision:

A thriving, healthy and inclusive Beltrami and Cass County.

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