Energy Assistance Application
Energy Assistance Program

2017-2018 Energy Assistance Program

The energy assistance program helps low-income households pay a portion of their home heating bills. Payments are made directly to the household’s fuel and/or electric vendor.


  • Eligibility and grant size is based on household gross income for the past three months, household size and consumption for the past 12 months.
  • Applicants may rent or own their home.
  • Households must provide proof of income when they apply.
  • There are no deductions from income.
  • Households may also be eligible for Repair or Replacement of nonfunctioning heating systems.

Household Size                        Gross Income for the Last Three Months

         1                                                       $ 6,250

         2                                                       $ 8,173

         3                                                       $10,096

         4                                                       $12,019

         5                                                       $13,942     

         6                                                       $15,865

        7                                                        $16,226

        8                                                        $16,586

You can download one of the following applications above:  English Application, Spanish Application or Large Print application OR you may contact us at: 

Beltrami County - Bemidji Office




Cass County - Walker Office




Mail your completed application along with income verification and current utility bills to: 

Bi-CAP, Inc.

P.O. Box 579

Bemidji, MN  56619


Additional energy information can be found on the MN Department of Commerce Energy website at

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