Conservation Improvement Program (CIP)

BI-CAP coordinates the CIP Program with Otter Tail Power Company, Crow Wing Power, Lake Country Power and MN Power. These programs are designed to help income-qualified customers save money on their energy bills.

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Energy Related Repair

The Energy Related Repair Program is available to homeowners who experience a life threatening situation or a no-heat emergency. Assistance can be used for emergency heating system repair or replacement. (Rental units do not qualify.)

Small Cities Development Program

The Small Cities Development Program provides funds to rehabilitate owner occupied homes, commercial buildings, and rental properties. To receive SCDP funds, applicants must own and maintain year-round residency in their home, be current on property taxes, mortgage payments, and carry homeowner’s insurance. The total income for the household must not exceed HUD Section 8 limits set for that program. Commercial building owners must own the property, be current on property taxes, mortgage payments, and their insurance must be current. There is a 50% match required for property owners. The owner of rental units must own the units, be current on property taxes, mortgage payments, and the insurance must be current. There are tenant income requirements and units must meet fair market rents as defined by HUD. There is a 50% match required from all owners of rental units. SCDP funds are set up as Deferred Loans.

Weatherization Program

This program works with clients to decrease the energy consumption of their home. If you have applied for Energy Assistance, you will be referred to this program. Priority is given to elderly and handicapped households with high-energy consumption and single head of households with children.
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