This program works with clients to decrease the energy consumption of their home. If you have applied for Energy Assistance, you will be referred to this program. Priority is given to elderly and handicapped households with high-energy consumption and single head of households with children. Emergencies and referrals from outside agencies are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. The following energy saving measures are eligible activities: air sealing, upgrading furnace efficiency, insulation for attics, walls, health and safety measures, and door and window replacement (mobile homes only). Whenever possible, these funds are coordinated with other funds to better serve the housing needs of low-income households. Agency Housing/Energy Auditors perform pre- and post-inspections with the use of blower doors. All measures performed must be screened with the State computer program to insure cost effectiveness. This test checks the air tightness of the home, allowing the energy auditor and contactor to identify air leaks and central air quality, and prevent over tightness.

Priority improvements include attic and wall insulation, major air sealing, furnace repairs and health/safety measures. Priorities for weatherization include: high-energy consumption, elderly, handicapped, minorities, and single head households.

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